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Pronoia The universe conspires in your favour

  • Monte Mariposa St. Catarina da Fonte do Bispo Portugal (map)

Pronoia is the state of mind where I perceive again and again signs and events that confirm that the universe conspires in my favor. The right people appear who express to me exactly what I need to hear now or who in some mysterious way facilitate the manifestation of moments that nourish my purpose or bring me closer to him little by little. My intention is oriented to confidence, abundance, satisfaction, and prosperity.

Everything becomes an opportunity to awaken and update how I express myself in this world, establishing relationships from the honesty that allows me to take everything I am with freedom and wealth.

From our own desire for encounter and embrace in the loving, sensitive and conscious tribe we establish some coordinates of space and time where we can converge and flow with varied expansive and creative proposals. Invoking our best version for ourselves and our friends we lived 4 days in August in Tavira in the south of Portugal in Monte Mariposa, 20 minutes by car from the beach, and we will share the experience of feeling what we are individually and within a group that really it reflects us because we promote authenticity together and take care of it.

In Pronoia we give ourselves a summer permit to get out of the three frustrations where we live so many times in the automatic movements of our lives ... so we divest ourselves of what hides us and dive into the sea.

We get out of the instinctive frustration allowing our desire to be expressed with clarity, spontaneity and our internal animal take our corporality to indicate the satisfaction of our needs and the way to go for it.

We get out of the frustration of love by giving width to our heart to create relationships of intimacy where there is abundance and honesty, where we can show ourselves as we are and accept ourselves.

We get out of the frustration of being when we take the essential qualities that are available in our life and experience the ecstasy, the joy of belonging to a tribe of awakened humans and the universal love that flows from everywhere.

What are we going to do?

  • Experiment with Shiatsu massage where we will get to know each other through the sense of touch and sensitivity.

  • We will dance with diverse music and we will let the body express itself beyond the daily constraints, facilitating access to ecstasy and trance places, and generating energy and transforming contacts in the group's relationships. We propose Ecstatic Dance and Chamanic Dance.

  • We will explore in a playful way with our date of birth the keys that our genetics contains, some essential aspect of our design and our purpose.

  • We will live an experience of tantric contact in the space of the Erosphere - a living laboratory with sensuality, tenderness and eroticism, invoking the goddess and the god that lives in us.

  • We will enjoy the beach, the opportunity to get to know each other, to talk, to feel and to recognize each other in new places.

  • We will do the Pronoia ceremony where we invoke the favors of the universe in its maximum kindness, love and care.

They guide this Pronoia: Juan Gil, Jesus G. Bedoya, Susi Muñoz and Alfredo Calvo.

Organized by: Experiential Counseling School

Contribution: 350 € - activities, accommodation and food.

Date: From August 8 to 12. 

Arrival on the 8th at 4pm - departure on August 12th at 4pm - after lunch.

Information and reservations: Tlf 653271399/606316875