Sweat Lodge



Sweat Lodge (Temazcalli)


Purify the mind, body, and spirit. The sweat lodge rituals help connect us with nature, prepare to sweat away toxins and feel like thegods. 

It is a challenge and a therapy.

The ceremony takes place in the evening or night. Rocks are heated in a ceremonial fire and placed in the earth pit in the sweat house.The door is closed and the heat and damp create a natural sauna. Ritual and spoken intentions focus the ceremony to support healing or awakening to the human spirit.

The Maya call this temescali and we can prepare and support you with a private ceremony or prepare the space for your own ceremony.

We have a prepared circle and sweat house bender with fire pit, we can provide wood and support for your own ritual.

We really love offering Temazcalli ceremonies and they are available by request. Advanced booking is necessary as it takes time to prepare the sweat space and gather all the resources required to create a truly special occasion for your group.

Temazcal (“house of heat”) is an ancient deep purification ceremony that has its roots in the Indigenous tribes of Mexico and the Americas. 

Commonly called a Sweat Lodge, in this ritual there is the representation of Mother Earth’s womb fertilized by the Father Fire.

All the elements * EARTH FIRE WATER AIR * have relevant symbolism as do the four nodes in the directions of our existence.

Volcanic hot stones - the grandmothers - from the fire are taken inside the Lodge and water is poured on. Plants and incenses may be used for stimulation or relaxation. Inside it is dark, warm and humid, recreating womb’s experience.

Here then, is a time and space for rebirth.